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Jason M. Rosen, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist
Welcome to my website. I look forward providing you with some information on my philosophy, approach and practice.


The unique nature of my practice and approach to therapy stem from my medical training and advanced training in insight-oriented psychotherapy. Although I have a strong background in psychiatric diagnosis and medical management, I believe strongly in a holistic approach to therapy.

In an emotionally safe setting, I focus on the individual's unique experiences, history, pain,anxiety and/or depression. In addition, we can explore your past and present relationships and attempt to find ways to increase your quality of life, improve your relationships, and come to terms with your pain and anxieties.

I use insight-oriented, psychodynamic psychotherapy to help people to understand their inner life and how it affects their sense of well-being and their relationships. In addition, I teach patients mindfulness, acceptance and values-based behavior change strategies. Although, I attempt to focus on the insight-oriented approach and aspect of a treatment, if necessary and appropriate, I will use medication.

Specializing in psychotherapy and psychopharmacological treatment and consultation, I focus on a holistic approach to treatment.

I use a modern psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic approach as my major theoretical orientation to understand and work with my patients. 

I believe in the unique nature and experience of each of my patients.

I believe in working with each patient using every potential option that can maximize insight, quality of life, and functioning.

I work closely with each patient to design and structure a treatment plan, which may include a combination of psychotherapy, medication, exercise, meditation, diet, and more.
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